Women Medical Alert Bracelet Tags

medical alert bracelet women

Women Medical Alert Bracelet Tags

Your Health Information is written to your women medical alert ID bracelet. by Laser Engraving method. Laser Engraving is included in the price. Ideal for everyday use; Steel Medical ID wristband will complement your elegance

With its stainless steel plate and cream leather threads, the medical identity bracelet which is both comfortable and stylish will be an indispensable part of your life.

You can choose the wrist length according to the size of your wrist.

The medical identification plate and closure lock are made of stainless steel.

There is a medical logo on the front that emphasizes the presence of a medical ID bracelet.

The back side of the laser print area is 5 lines. For laser printing information, you can get help from What should be written on your Medical ID page.

If your loved ones or you have to carry a medical alert identity for diabetes, lymphedema, food allergies, heart disease or other health condition, our stylish medical identity jewelery is the best choice. Our durable, elegant and style medical ID jewelery is designed to make you feel safe.

The importance of our health and safety is indisputable. The high demand and comments from the medical bracelet, which presents the most common health conditions with standard products, led us to serve a much wider audience. Medical ID lovers to carry the elegance of the bracelet, necklace and accessories are produced with high quality steel, silver and gold materials. Your personal information designed jewelry will be your unique, indispensable and undoubtedly the most useful jewelry.

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